How to Choose Colors

The colors used in a space can make or break the design. When choosing the colors for your space, start with the larger aspects, and work your way down. For example, in a house, start by choosing the color palette for your living room before moving on to the kitchen, and eventually the bedroom. Within the living room, choose the color for a focal point, such as the couch, before moving on to choosing the colors for complimentary accessories in the room, like rugs or throw pillows.

Many studies have been done on the psychology of color and how certain colors can affect a person’s mood. When choosing a color palette for your space, make sure to consider the purpose of the room and the functional aspects that the color palette can have.

Red – Energetic, inspires ambition, stimulates conversation; Great for dining rooms, home offices, or creative spaces.

Orange – Joyful, playful, comforting; Ideal for kitchens or home gyms.

Yellow – Evokes positivity, welcoming, stimulates the nervous system; Use in dark areas, hallways, or entryways.

Green – Refreshing, luxurious, encourages restoration; Great for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Blue – Instills confidence, peace, and healing; Ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Purple – Sophisticated, soothing, promotes creativity; Excellent in living rooms or bedrooms.

Black – Elegant, dramatic, powerful; Best used as an accent color.

White – Cleanliness, airiness, serenity; Use in dark areas or small spaces.

When choosing your colors, select hues of the same color intensity or shades of the same color. Also, make sure to consider how the lighting in the room will affect a person’s perception of the colors.

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