It is important that we work together in finding a design that fits your personality and lifestyle best. We create a relationship with our clients and are thorough in understanding their likes, dislikes, and wants for the project. This is also where we dive into different fabrics, textures, and details for your space.

Architectural Details

Conceptualizing a space can be difficult, even after the discovery stage. Luckily, Zelman Style Interiors offers a wide variety of services that will help you visualize and understand the design process from start to finish. This includes mapping out the space details and constructing architectural design. 

Virtual Design

See the finished project before we even start. Our digital rendering services allow us to design your space without physically building it. This technology allows us to arrange walls, raise ceilings, install appliances and color the walls. With this, our clients can truly envision their space before it’s created.

Exterior Design

A complete design encapsulates the entire space, which includes the exterior. From the inside out Zelman Style Interiors have the skills and experience of designing your home or workspace. We have the capacity to plan, design, and implement an exterior design for any space.

Interior Design

We make dreams into reality. It is obvious that Zelman Style Interiors has a passion for interior design. Each client’s needs and wants are listened to and incorporated into a gorgeous finished product. We craft designs that are unique, gorgeous, and tailored to the personal lifestyle of the client.

Realtor Consultation

We have a mutually beneficial relationship with realtors to help our clients. Realtors know their client’s taste in estate’s better than anyone else. With this, realtors can show homes to clients that they know will work for them functionally, and we can show them how to make it their dream home through design.