The Zelman Style Interior Design Process

  • Introductions
  • Inspiration Consultation
  • Design
  • Create

We want to know who you are, what you are passionate about, and what your style truly is. A space should be reflective of these aspects and tailored to your life. This stage will include the sharing of inspirations, designs, and lifestyle.

It is important that we work together in finding the various styles that fit you best. With inspiring communication with our clients, we craft a tailored design that exceeds their expectations. This chapter is the process of understanding and working with our clients to explore this inspiration, and craft a tailored design to their vision. This is where we dive into different fabrics, textures, and details for your space.

Once the introductions have been done and we have begun the inspiration stage, we start laying down the foundation that is needed for our client’s vision to come to life. We take our client’s vision and mold it into a reality. Using sketches, inspiration boards, and 3D digital renderings, we can bring the design to life.

This is where concept meets construction. Our team structures each room to match a cohesive design that the client will love. We pride ourselves in not only building beautiful spaces but also building an atmosphere that is tailored to the client and will last a lifetime.

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