Spring Cleaning

Something about spring cleaning gives us the little boost we need to make the changes that we’ve been thinking about since the holidays. As people tend to spend more time indoors for get-togethers and holiday parties during the winter, they can grow tired of their home’s layout, style, or décor. Use this burst of springtime energy to seek out interior design inspiration that you can use to create your dream home.

Refresh Your Style

If your home’s interior was created in the contemporary style, you may want to update some of its features, like wall colors, furniture, and countertops. When using this style, you have the freedom to take furniture, color schemes, and layouts from varying styles. The interior designers at Zelman Style Interiors know how to stay on top of the latest trends while keeping your space functional and luxurious.

Integrate Minimalist Features

Spring cleaning is best known for decluttering the home and disposing of items with little importance or value. Instead of simply decluttering your space, consider integrating features from the minimalist style. Choose decorative items that add value and variety to your interior, whether it be a spotlight painting on the wall or a sculpture on a table.

Use Timeless Details for Commercial Spaces

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be limited to the home! Commercial spaces should be refreshed as often as their function evolves. The interior should reflect any growth in the business, whether that requires a change in layout or adding large windows. Updating the interior design in your commercial space can increase productivity, from a more efficient layout to colors that evoke calmness and happiness.  Timeless design is perfect for commercial spaces, as they open the space and discourage clutter.

Take your spring cleaning a step further this year! The luxury interior designers at Zelman Style Interiors can help you create an oasis from your lifestyle, style preferences, and environment. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.