Minimalist Interior Design Details

The world can be crazy, so it’s nice to have a peaceful space to return to at the end of the day. With minimalist interior design, you can transform your home into that calming oasis. Minimalism is based on simplicity, opening up space, and functionality. By balancing those features, your space will be cleaner, easier to manage, and will never go out of style.

Incorporate these minimalist interior design details into your home and discover how less can really be more:

Two or Three Colors

One of the most important parts of minimalism is simplicity, which includes keeping the color scheme simple. Choose a maximum of three colors, preferably neutral colors like white, gray, and black. However, creams and natural colors can also be good choices as long as they are within a few shades of one another and aren’t bold. Sticking to the color scheme will make your space look cleaner and more uniform.  


In minimalist interior design, furniture is about functionality and space. If you have a large center table, make sure it is easily accessible and has drawers for storage. If you’re tight on space in the kitchen and dining room area, skip the table altogether and use the island for eating and dining instead. One large centerpiece for furniture instead of several smaller pieces will fit the minimalist style and open up more space in your home.

Accessories Should Add To Your Space, Not Take Away

Every accessory in a minimalist space must add to the space in some way. That could be by following the clean lines along the wall or adding texture for richness. Also, make sure to limit the number of accessories you have and only put one or two in the spotlight. These spotlight pieces could be anything from a piece of art on the wall to a handwoven basket on the table. Limiting the number of accessories you have will help declutter and open up your space while highlighting those spotlight pieces.

Fill Your Space With Light

Light is one of the most essential pieces for minimalist interior design, especially natural light. Include large, open windows in your space to let more sunshine in. This will not only make your space feel warmer and cozier, but the glass windows will also make the space look larger than it really is.

After transforming your home with minimalist interior design, you’ll be able to feel the difference when you walk inside. Simple, functional, spacious, and peaceful. At Zelman Interior Designs, we work with you to personalize your space exactly how you want it, whether that be minimalism, timeless, modern, or contemporary. For a complimentary consultation and to learn more about our process, contact us today.