art in luxury design

Why is Art Important to Luxury Interior Design

Art can play various roles throughout the interior design process. It could serve as the spotlight focus and a conversation starter or simply compliment the style of the space. Depending on the functionality of the interior and the overall theme, art can transform ordinary into luxury designs.


Consider art to be the fairy godmother of the interior design process. It adds just a bit of magic to what is already beautiful. Interior Designers may not turn pumpkins into carriages, but their eye for creativity and understanding of functionality results in choosing artwork that will add value to your space.


Whether it be a painting, sculpture, or 3D wall art, your art can set the mood for your space. In many interior design styles, art is the focal point of the room. It should be something that the eye is naturally drawn to, while also flowing with the theme and function of the room.


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a story it could tell! The art you choose for your interior can say a lot about your lifestyle and personality. Between the subject of the art, the colors used, and the medium, your art should be able to represent a piece of your story. Its importance to interior design is largely intrinsic, as the homeowner or business owner should connect with the art pieces.


Art has infinite opportunities to add texture and depth to your interior. Texture and depth both give the illusion of a larger space. When the interior includes multiple textures, space will feel airier and more comfortable. This is especially true in the transitional style where comfort and style are equally valued. An experienced Interior Designer will understand that art can add depth and give the space a larger appearance.

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