Timeless design is known for its evergreen style. Although culture and style may change over time, this style maintains simplicity and elegance in a way that is always desired.

Timeless interior designs are considered classic. It has minimalistic tendencies that discourage extra clutter and accessories while bringing attention to the natural architecture of the room. This style typically uses either neutral or dark, natural colors with white accents. Overall, this style channels the more sophisticated and quiet side of interior design.

There are many ways to transform your home with a timeless style. Choosing colors that contrast with neutral beiges, like navy blue or forest green, can help tie your room together. When we created the interior for the North Carolina Casual Ocean Home, we used an ocean theme by intertwining cream and white with various dark blues. The furniture has darker wood and has an antique design. The combination of all the features creates a timeless design that exudes grace and simplicity for generations to come.

We recommend timeless interior design for many of our commercial clients whose business exemplifies elegance and sophistication. It is especially helpful for businesses without a budget for frequent updates in their design. With the help of Zelman Style Interiors, your commercial interior can put its best foot forward with both your employees and potential customers.

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