Project Update: 3621 South Ocean


We all remember the plans 3621 South Ocean. Our first update showed the groundwork that would soon become 6 luxurious townhouses with a tropical view like no other. Our latest blog showed the project in its foundation and Steve discussed his plans for the renovation with the developing team and the Zelman Style group. Between that segment and now both groups have been working very hard on the progress of this project.

A lot of work has been done since June. The construction of the foundation and base of the townhouses are complete. As you can see from the pictures below, these homes are quickly becoming a reality. Since last update, the contractors have built the townhouses upwards adding two more complete floors. They have also laid down the brick. You can already see the appearances morphing as these parts slowly evolve into homes. It is easy to see even in these stages that the townhouses will be very open, each having a glorious view of the beach front property. They all also have a terrace and an entryway to their beautiful tropical view.

The project is still set to be completed by next season. Read more about these townhouses on our website. Stay tuned for updates on this estate as well as other projects!

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