Fall 2017 Trends

Are you in need of an update to your home? Use these current and popular interior design trends. With these tricks, your home will look and feel fantastic. Here at Zelman Style Interiors we want to ensure you are aware of all the latest innovations and trends in the design world so that we can craft your rooms to fit your hand-crafted and individualized style. Here are our favorite top ten tips for the fall of 2017! 

1.Navy Blue- Dark colors are in this season, and navy blue seems to be the new black. You will be seeing an increase in navy blue walls and accent pieces this year.

2. Formal Dining Rooms- Going back to tradition, many are enjoying the look of a large and lavish eating area.

3. Tropical Green- Green is in this season, especially of the tropical shade. Highlight this look even more with accents of tropical patterns.

4. Statement Ceiling- Having a bold ceiling can really impact the feeling of the room. Whether it is texture, color, or structure, the bolder the ceiling the greater the room is going to look.

5. Dark Walls- White spaces have been in for a while, but it looks like cozy dark spaces are making their way back up in the charts. Whether it is dark wood or moody paint, this can transform your room.

6. Family rooms (Media Free Rooms)-With technology taking a major part in our life, media-free spaces have become a popular trend. Comfy couches for good conversation creates a soothing space to go off the grid.

7. Collapsible appliances- The less to show the better. Designers have been toying with minimalistic and collapsible appliances. This easily adds space and makes the room look clean.

8. Round Furniture- This skews away from the normal and bulky furniture. The roundness adds uniqueness to the space.

9. Marble- A classic come back, marble is a great design piece for islands, tiling, and accent pieces.

10. Velvet Furniture- This accent along with pastel colors can really add an interesting vibe to a space.

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