Things To Know Before Knocking Down A Wall

Is the wall load-bearing?

A bearing wall is a support wall that transfers load from above down through the structure to another wall, a beam, and/or a foundation. Some bearing walls are actually very well disguised and can be altered to how you want the flow of the house to be.  Knocking down a load-bearing wall isn’t impossible; you just have to take cautious steps to ensure it won’t collapse.

Are you going to run into plumbing or electrical lines?

It’s always best to try and investigate what is in the wall before knocking it down. You might find plumbing or electrical lines; so, it’s crucial to always take precautions before swinging your sledgehammer right into the wall. Are there bathrooms directly above the wall? Is there plumbing you can see in your basement that leads up to the wall? Also, where are light switches and sockets located in the room? These are all indicators that there are pipes/wiring in the wall, and demolition must be approached strategically.  

Do you need a permit?

Always check your local municipality on building permits. They all handle construction projects differently but always check beforehand.

Where will your furniture and lighting go?

This of course may seem obvious, but if you’re considering knocking down a wall, always think about how it will affect the layout of the room. You might need to invest in some new furniture or lighting after demolition. It’s important to keep this in mind when knocking down a wall.

How will the open space affect your noise levels?

Although an open living concept has many perks when it comes to knocking down walls you will have to take noise into consideration. The way sound travels in your home is dependent on its structural build. Take into account how that common space noise will affect your day-to-day life.

Knowing when to call in a pro.

Knocking down a wall can be a dangerous job. If you’re unsure about whether or not you can knock down a certain wall, call in a pro! They’re always here to help and here at Zelman, we can provide you the expertise and guidance you will need to turn your dream space into a reality.

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