What do interior designers do?

What do Interior Designers do?

The 7 Elements of Interior Design

Interior Designers are much more than just Interior Decorators. As a luxury Interior Design firm, we focus on the entire project and do not limit ourselves to just rearranging the room or putting a new coat of paint on the walls. Interior Designers are space planners who construct your vision into a reality using a variety of processes based on the seven elements of interior design.


Space planning is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Interior Designers can envision various ways a space can be reconstructed without moving a thing. An expert eye can help reveal a design that, without them, would be unimaginable. It is the vision of the layout that is the foundation of the design itself. Not only does the space have to be visually appealing, but it also needs to function well, which is why this part of the design is so enigmatic and integral to the design process.


The lines of a project are very important to the overall look of the project as shapes of the space can define its Interior Design Style. Horizontal, vertical, and dynamic lines need to establish contrast and unity so that there is balance within the design. Any skilled interior designer will know how to utilize a variety of lines for different purposes.


A form can be any dimensional shape that assists with the flow and the design of the room. Forms accent a space where lines create it. This detail can really add depth to a space and serve as a focal point to the room.


One of the pinnacle elements to design is light, which sets the tone of the space. Without light, the other elements of the design would not shine. Light can be added to a design by using natural or synthetic lighting. Natural or ambient lighting can be added with additional windows, skylights, and mirrors. Synthetic light is placed strategically to highlight elements of design and give it a luxurious look.


The element of color is an important piece of any design. There is a science and psychology to picking colors in a room. The color of a space should be dependent on its size, function, and style. When considering what the palette of a room should be, we take into consideration all of these variables along with how the light and layout of the space will affect the tone. 


Another way to add dimension to your room is with texture. This element refers to the surfaces to your room. Texture can come in two different forms- visual and actual. Visual texture gives the illusion of depth where actual texture can be felt and touched. Just like the other elements of design, many Interior Designers mix a variety of textures within a project to give it life and depth.


This element is similar to texture apart from adding dimension. Patterns give personality to a space. You can see this element in wallpaper, furniture, or accents of the space. The colors and design of the pattern are dependent on the Interior Design Style of the project.

When combined and cohesive, these elements create an elegant and personalized finished project. Zelman Style Interiors incorporates these elements, our expertise, and your inspiration to handcraft your perfect space. For a complimentary consultation and to learn more about our process, contact us today.