Why Art Should be in Your Home

Interior design is an art form in itself, which composes of a combination of various pieces of works. Design and visual art go hand in hand. Many designers including Zelman Interiors use art to accent the other components of a room. Finding that perfect piece can completely change and secure the look of the space. If you are unsure about how much of an impact art can make on your living space we want to explain.

Add Color

Adding colorful art pieces can make a room pop. This is a perfect way to spice up a bland room and to add variation and diversity to your space. In the example above, the eye is drawn to the pop of color right away. Though most of the room is neutral, the paintings create a fun vibe while still making the atmosphere feel neat and put together.

Add Texture

Texture is so important in a room because it adds depth, making your space look larger and more interesting. An art piece such as this makes a space look and feel much more approachable and comfortable. The more variation in texture the airier a room will feel. Vases, visual art pieces, paintings, etc. all have different textures and depth that make a room seem more elegant and put together.

Enhance your Color Scheme

Art pieces can inspire a color scheme for your room. Artists have a professional eye for what colors work well together, therefore you can use art as a resource when picking colors out for a room. You can see in the example above that the colors of the furniture, rug, pillows, and carpet all coincide with the paintings on the wall. This makes the look of the room come off clean and professional.

Create a focal point

Some art pieces deserve to be the main attraction of a room. Not only will this show your style off, but can also highlight the beautiful details of a room. Of course in this example the painting is the focal point, the eye is drawn to it because of the size and the pop of color. However, as the eye moves throughout the photograph you notice the beautiful framing of the tiled wall, fitted between the two gorgeous mirror pieces.  The picture is like the sun during a sunset, a main part of the beautiful whole.

Add Depth

If you need your space to look larger or more interesting, a wall piece is most useful. This photo shows the beauty of this specific art when juxtaposed next to the hall of the home. It is as if the painting itself is going just as far back as the hallway is. This technique can be used in small spaces as well as to create the illusion of a wider area.

Make a bold statement

An art piece can scream personality and theme. If bold is what you are looking for then you must look towards the arts. This picture here is the entire length of the wall and has obvious themes of glamor, drama, and class. If you are not interested in the classic elegant look but are still looking for bold, try large art pieces with linear patterns and harsher colors.

Complete a look with art

An art piece can be icing on the cake when it comes to a space. You may have everything you need and want in a room, but a painting, sculpture, photograph, etc. can take it to that extra level of cohesiveness. In this example, it is clear that the art pieces compliment the room to perfection. It’s as if the room inspired the paintings.

Interior design is an art in itself, it is necessary to have an eye for color, space, and feel. Art is a major component in our work and should be a large part of anyone’s design process.

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