Especially during the dark winter months, it is important to have the proper lighting in your home. The more light you include within your space, the more beautiful and warm it looks. Many people assume that more lighting means more lamps and ceiling lights, however, that is not always the case. Here are five unique ways to light your home, check these out:

Illuminating stairs and flooring

Adding light low to the ground such as on the staircases or flooring will illuminate your home in a unique way. With these, you won’t need to constantly have your ceiling lights on, creating a cozier vibe. This will also help guide you late at night so you do not have to turn on bright lights to get your midnight snack. As you can see from the picture, this home we designed have lights on the staircase that adds a beautiful accent to the space.

Adding more reflective pieces

Just as reflective pieces bring the illusion of more space, they also bring more light. The light you already have in your home can be doubled if a mirror or reflective piece is put in the right spot. As you can see in our example below, the table is reflecting the light and thus creating that amazing water like lighting on the ceiling.

Lighting furniture

Another unique way to create lighting in your home is actually illuminating your furniture itself. Usually, this means adding light under your countertops, tables, or cabinets. In this example, our team created a lit bar top to really capture that nightlife vibe

Creating a well-lit accent wall

If you are bored of your ceiling lights, try lighting an accent wall. The light will be just as significant as your main lights, however, it will move your focal point to the wall making the room look more complete. If you do not want more lighting installed, try moving the direction of your ceiling lights to focus on the wall of interest instead

Decorative lighting

Some of the best lighting to create a finished look to your space is decorative lighting. These accents create a put together look to the room and add amazing light to the room as well. Whether you like chandeliers, modern light fixtures, or twinkling lights, these pieces enhance the room.

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