How Does Interior Design Affects Your Mood?

Your home is your sanctuary, so you should feel happy and comfortable in it. Interior designers are experts at the science behind setting the mood in a space. Believe it or not, design and arrangement of your interior can really affect the way you feel.

Channeling Positive Energy Through Interior Design 


There is a psychology behind how colors make you feel. Lavender is calming, blue evokes productivity, and red personifies excitement. Colors can help motivate, inspire, or relax you. In general, lighter colors will give your room an airy and happier feel, where deeper colors are more comforting.

The layout of your space

The flow of your home should be tailored specifically to your lifestyle. If you entertain often, you shouldn’t have the dining room miles away from your kitchen or the bar far away from the living room. Instead, you want to create an effortless flow from one room to another. This will save you stress and will increase the functionality of your space.

Bring in the Light

Exposure to natural light is said to keep our bodies in their natural circadian rhythms, keeping us alert during the day and relaxed at night. Natural light has also been proven to increase happiness. By adding large windows your room can be filled with light, creating a more positive environment. 

Incorporate Nature

Bringing the outdoors in is something we have mentioned in many of our blogs. Incorporate earth tones or textures into your interior design or add plants and water accents to your space. These additions will bring calmness and airiness to your home.

Personalized Elements

The most important part of your space is that it is tailored to you. We personalize every project so that the style, functionality, and design match who you are and what you desire out of the project.

We want to encompass the positive feelings such as happiness, relaxation, fun, and comfort within our interior designs. All humankind has a desire to belong. Interior design can give you that sense of belonging, a sense of home.