Modern design was originated as an escape from the traditional, ornate Victorian designs. Many of the featured mid-century modern design elements such as clean lines and simple color palettes are still heavily used. This sleek style utilizes unique materials like metal, glass, and steel.

There is much debate in what should be considered Modern vs Contemporary interior designs. Many times, the styles will overlap, however, they are inherently different. The major difference between the two is that contemporary design changes as culture and style evolve, whereas modern design has several elements that are unchanging.

One of our residential clients collaborated with us to create a sleek, modern design. The color palate was a simple red, white, and off-white color that occasionally featured bright colored art pieces. The overall theme of the room had one natural color and one bold color that accentuated the contrast between the statement pieces and the furniture.

Commercial clients who prioritize creativity and individuality would be the most interested in this style. It can promote creativity due to the variety of different shapes, colors, and materials throughout the interior. We recommend that our commercial clients take advantage of some of our favorite mid-century modern design elements: abstract designs on décor and simplistic furniture.

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