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Interior design is often compared to interior decorating, and though we decorate in our designs, this is certainly not the only task of a high-end interior designer. High-end interior design focuses on creating luxury spaces. This includes discovery, design, and implementation of a commercial or residential space.


Consultation and communication is priority to Zelman Style Interiors. It is important that we know who you are and what your lifestyle is so we can craft a unique design around it. Especially when it comes to high-end interior designs, you have so much to choose from. From how you want the room to look architecturally to what interior design style works for you, the process can be overwhelming. ZLMN is an experienced high-end interior design company that can consult and recommend interior design styles for you or help you craft your own.


Once we know who you are, we get to work on creating the perfect space for you. We present our ideas to you with blueprints, cloth and tile samples, and realistic digital renderings. By the end of this presentation you will have a firm grasp of exactly what your space looks like before construction even begins. Most importantly, we do not start the implementation phase until you are fully satisfied with your high-end interior design.


This is the stage in the interior design process where we begin to construct the designs into reality. This includes breaking down walls, constructing architectural details, installing built-ins, and of course the interior design itself. By the end of this stage you will have a high-end interior design that encompasses your style.

No matter what your interior design style is, we make sure that it looks as luxurious and timeless as it can get. With a high-end interior designer like Zelman Style, you will be sure to love your new space.

Zelman Style Interiors (ZLMN) is a full-service interior design firm specializing in high-end residential and commercial interiors. With a passion for design, the Zelman Style Team’s priority is to create unique and personal environments that are fit for any lifestyle.

We aren’t just interior designers. We are also conceptual thinkers, consultants, and inspiration engineers. We construct blueprints, architectural details, and digital renderings. We are Zelman Style Interiors. We are ZLMN. Contact us today at (954) 718-6100 or by emailing Eileen@zlmn2024.flywheelsites.com.