As you all know, trends are always evolving. The more styles and ideas that you are exposed to, the easier it is to craft your unique style. Whether it is big beautiful artwork or a sleek minimalistic space, we will give you a few new, and currently hot, trends that will help you expand your style palette. Here is your interior design trend update:

Resort-Inspired Style

Creating that comforting and relaxing beach vibe in your home has become a very popular trend in the past few months. Vibrant island colors, eccentric furniture, and exotic accents will leave your home feeling like a vacation.

Bright Walls

Creating vibrancy in your living area ads vivacity to your space. Whether it is an accent wall, or all of the walls, spice up your home by using bright colors. By using a lighter yet still vibrant color such as red or yellow, the space may also look brighter and larger. If the wall color is too risky for you, try adding a bright color to your door.

Big Art

Create a large impact with a statement art piece on your wall. Another great alternative to bright walls, this will give your living area vibrancy, while still keeping a clean and contained look.

Plants on Plants on Plants

Plants as décor, both inside and outside, are a very hot trend right now, and the more the merrier. Many plants also have the benefit of air purification, beautiful aroma, and can be used as lovely pops of color.

Statement Ceilings

Though typically ceilings are white or neutral in homes, a new and exciting trend of bold ceilings has come about. Whether it is a bold color, pattern, or texture, a pop in the ceiling shows off the shape of the room and changes the entire feel of the room.

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